Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Working with wild animals is a tremendous honor and responsibility.  If you have a passion for animals and have 1 - 2 hours a week to share, you might like working with birds.  Ravensbeard does not have any paid positions, all work is a gift of love.  Training is on-site. 

We offer a variety of jobs ranging from feeding and cleaning to animal transportation, social media, fund raising, carpentry and education.   Our busy season runs from May to September with babies; nestlings, hatchlings and fledgelings of all shapes and sizes.  Then, the fall and winter usually bring the sick or injured.  We work very closely with veterinarians and use their expertise for surgeries, sutures and setting bones.  Then our work begins....

Ravensbeard is grateful to its many dedicated volunteers that have helped to run our daily chores.  Some have gone on to become licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators while others already have a license and are looking to gain experience.  Volunteers come from many backgrounds, teachers, students, college students, homemakers and retirees.  They have given time from their busy lives to help our cause to rescue and release wild birds that have been given a second chance to thrive.  

See our home page for information to set up an interview.