Cheyenne, the Harris Hawk

Ace, our new Gyr-Barbary Falcon

Ravensbeard will provide Raptor Presentations at your location for Birthdays, Special Events and Private Parties.

We have given hundreds of programs for Schools, Senior Centers, Boy and Girl Scouts, Library Events, County Fairs, Rotary Clubs, Summer Camps and Community Centers. Gazing into the eyes of an owl will change your life forever!

Sonic, the Hedgehog

                   Hudson, our Barred Owl

Hedwig,, our Snowy Owl

 T-Rex, our American Kestrel

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center - Woodstock Primary School slide show

             Twyla, our Barn Owl

We also offer a permanent home to wildlife that are unable to return to their natural habitat. Once they have been vetted for education, these species provide a service to our community as our wildlife ambassadors.

Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Linus, our Screech Owl

‚ÄčLeo, our Northern Saw-whet Owl