Ravensbeard Wildlife Center

Wildlife Rehabilitators are licensed by the State and Federal Governments.  We are unable to charge for our services and function through the generosity of our community and educated donors like you.  Each year we answer thousands of phone calls and give care to hundreds of animals.  We are proud to boast that our release rate is over 60%, the national average is under 50%.  Ravensbeard is a not-for-profit NY corporation mainly working with the largest of the bird species, residing in Saugerties, New York.  We welcome material donations as well as monetary gifts. Please see our "Wish List" under the Donation tab.  A tax receipt is available for donations.

We are not veterinarians, we do not perform surgeries nor administer anesthesia.  Our job begins when we get a call from a concerned citizen who has found or seen an animal or bird in need of rescue.  If you are unable to box it up and bring it to the center we load up a vehicle and go to the exact location.  At that time we perform emergency triage to carefully stablize the patient, or do whatever is necessary to secure the animal for transport.

Back at the clinic we assess the injury, hydrate, administer pain meds if needed and/or determine the protocol for quickest and best avenue for recovery.   Most of our patients are scheduled for a radiograph or x-ray at the veterinarian's office.  There, we are responsible for office charges, procedures and medications.  Veterinary services are crucial to insure we have the most up-to-date possible medical information and medications for a successful recovery.

Why do we do this?  Do we spend our time wisely?  The rewards are in relationships created in the community, while nursing these silent beauties back to health and the victory is in the release!!  Oh yes, that wonderful, tingling and unpredictable moment. There is nothing better than seeing the hawk with the broken wing soar off on the wind thermals until it's a tiny speck in the sky.  Or the owl with head trauma that would have died of hypothermia if someone hadn't seen him in the shoulder of the road and made a phone call.  You are the heros to these injured souls, without your intervention the animals will perish.


Ravensbeard also offers a permanent home to wildlife that is not able to return to their natural habitat.  Some of these species provide a service to our community as educational wildlife.

Ask any one of us if we are spending our time wisely, I think you'll guess the answer. 

If this is something that you may enjoy, please feel free to contact us for a volunteer interview.

"Ho Mitakuye Oyasin" 
is the Lakota phrase that translates as "all my relations". In using these words we honor our connectedness to all life, and the sacredness of the entire circle of life.

Board of Directors:

Ellen Kalish, Executive Director

Wendy Gold

Barry Knight

Adrienne Kubicz

Genevieve Salerno

Gail Stanway